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I'm looking for three FCs - 1 girl, 2 boys. All are about 16-19. The girl has blue eyes, and looks sweet and bubbly. One guy is tall and charismatic, the other is more relaxed, quiet/calm sort of person. Please help? Thanks so much! :)

For the girl:

  • Britt Robertson (she was the first person to come to mind, actually)
  • Candice Accola
  • Grace Phipps
  • Alexandra Daddario
  • Melissa Benoist


  • Andrew Garfield
  • Daniel Sharman
  • Grant Gustin
  • Keegan Allen
  • Robbie Kay (not necessarily tall but I feel like charismatic works)


  • Tyler Blackburn
  • Matt Bennett
  • Logan Lerman

I won’t lie to you, the guys were really hard for me so those suggestions might not be the best.  Apologies!  But I hope this helped, and if you need more, let me know!


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Do you provide FC suggestions that fit certain physical requirements? For example, brown eyes, black hair?

As I said to my previous question, I am so sorry for taking so long to respond to this.  It’s not my intention to keep people waiting, and I apologize.

To answer your question, yes, I can do that!  So, if you wanted brown eyes, black hair, I would say:

  • Demi Lovato (I believe she’s naturally black haired)
  • Jordin Sparks
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Adelaide Kane
  • America Ferrera
  • Amber Riley
  • Angie Harmon
  • Vanessa Hudgens

Somehow that list ended up being all girls, but you get the idea.  If you give me an age range or gender in addition to whatever traits, I can probably give better suggestions-but yes, I can do that!


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FCs for possible Leighton Meester siblings?

I am so sorry for taking an entirely obscene amount of time to answer this.  I haven’t been the greatest helper lately and I sincerely apologize.  =/  I don’t even know if you still need this, but I’m going to answer anyway just in case.  I’m sorry!

On to your question, you didn’t specify an age range or gender, so these are going to be mixed choices:

  • Willa Holland
  • Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • Logan Lerman
  • Grant Gustin
  • Hailee Steinfeld

I’m also sorry that it’s not much, but I’m not the best at family suggestions.  Still, I hope it helps!


fcs for a southern belle?

Since you didn’t give me an age range, I just went with the FCs I think would best fit the role, so the ages they can play will vary.

  • Candice Accola
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Ryan Newman
  • Victoria Justice
  • Sarah Bolger
  • Holland Roden
  • Emma Stone
  • Shay Mitchell
  • Freya Mavor

That was all I could think of.  I hope that helps!  If you need more or some for a more specific age range, let me know!


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one, count: 24 » two, count: 27 » three, count: 29 » four, count: 150 » five, count: 45 » six, count: 94

Requested by Anonymous. Please do not reblog unless you are a RPCHA. If you have another GIF Hunt for Mackenzie, message me so I can add it!

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Do you know where I can find Mackenzie Foy gifs please?

I will do a GIF Hunt directory for you now, nonnie!


What things should one consider when writing a colourblind character? One of my RP characters has tritanopia, they keep this a secret but is there anything I should particularly note in my writing of them? I've not found many resources from a writers perspective as of yet. Thank you in advance.

I had to look up the kind of colorblindness that was and I don’t really have any experience with it, but I’ll do my best.  My grandfather was colorblind and my mom said that he used to keep suits and things together in one set because he couldn’t differentiate the colors and that way he wouldn’t mix them up.  You can always have your character be unsure of the color of someone’s shirt or shoes, etc.  When they’re buying something, take note that they might not realize they’re actually buying, say, a yellow shirt because they think it’s pink, and maybe that color doesn’t look good on them.

I’m sorry I can’t be of much help, but I tried.  I hope this helped at least a little bit!

Hi! I was wondering what you have on writing a character with a drug addiction? I keep looking for a post, but I can't find one. Addiction takes over a life, but you can't write a character as JUST an addict, or they'll fall flat. That's difficult for me. Any advice?

You’re absolutely right that you can’t write a character as just an addict, and yes, addiction does take over a life.  I haven’t ever written addiction, but I’ll give this my best shot.  You should definitely write about the struggles that your character faces, but more than that, dig deep.  How do they feel?  What are they thinking?  Do they feel guilty for being this way?  Sad?  Angry?  What drove them to drugs?  When did they know they were addicted?  Can they admit to themselves that they are, in fact, an addict?

You should also focus on relationships.  If they’ve just done drugs, they’ll probably react differently to certain things than they would when sober.  What happens when other people realize what’s going on?  How does it affect their relationships with other people?  What about love?

Remember that addicts are people, too, and they have lives and hobbies like everyone else.  Sometimes those things get pushed to the side in pursuit of the drugs, but they’re there.  Does your character have a job?  A sport they like to play, or some other activity they like to do?  What makes them happy that isn’t the drugs?  What else is going on in their lives?

Those are the questions I ask myself when writing mental disorders so that the disorder doesn’t dominate the character.  People live with addiction every day.  But they’re still just that: people.  So instead of focusing solely on the addiction, remember to explore feelings, relationships, and daily life.  Focus on what makes them a person, not an addict.

I hope that helps, and good luck!

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